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US Writing Elites Company would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our company and give you (our potential esteemed customer) information on the products and services offered by our company. US Writing Elites is a Custom Paper Writing Service that deals with specifically with Academic quality writing. Our services are unmatched and we have been in business since 2008. As such, being in business for nearly 10 years has offered us wealth of experience as well as authority to offer you academic writing assistance. We hope that you choose us as your academic assistants are you through your epic scholarly journey to ensure that you become a force to reckon with in the prolific job market.

Should you need a full clarification of the term of use we will be obliged to send you a PDF copy to your preferred email address. However, for user-friendliness this terms have been simplified to ease in understand.

Though we may be able to handle the tasks well by ourselves, sometimes we are overwhelmed by the tasks or writing is not just one of our strong points. Thisis where our company steps in. At US Writing Elites, we have a team of dedicated writers from various disciplines who specialize in custom written papers. We will complete your academic quality paper in a timely manner, while ensuring the assigned writer follows the instructions of the paper meticulously.

Benefits of Using Our Custom Writing Service

An Appropriately Matched Writer to the Specific Discipline
The writer that completes an assignment is will assigned the task with respect to their training and a verified certification in your field or discipline.
Proper Formatting
At US Writing Elites, all our writers are knowledgeable will all the up to date paper formats. These include APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, Oxford, IEEE, and others. Therefore, we make sure the papers is properly formatted in line with your directives
A Writer that Meticulously follows Instructions
In custom writing services, instructions given by the client play a pivotal role in ensuring that an order is properly done. At US Writing Elites we will ensure that all your instructions a carefully followed.
A Paper that is 100 % Original
No papers written by our writing service will have any form of plagiarism; this include rephrasing, rewriting, or even similarity with other papers online or in any database whatsoever.
Low Pricing
Our prices are the best in the market. Our companies prices start at 8$ per page (275 words) . Pricing is primarily dependent on deadlines set for the order.
Money back Guarantee
Guess what, we are all about satisfying our clients. Therefore, if the paper is not satisfactory to can ask for a refund as per our money back policy.
Complete Anonymity
We are a premium custom writing service that will write for you. Therefore, by paying us, you get all the credit for the paper as well as all rights to use the papers as you may please.