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The pricing for Our premium custom writing service is unmatched in the market. This is because we give you value for your money by offering you a personalized approach to your order.Equally important, we also deliver high quality papers that are 100% plagiarism free. Our objective is to ensure that we provide the client with high quality custom writing services at a low price.

Our pricing is determined by three factors as outlined below:

1. Writing from Scratch vs Editing
Writing from scratch papers are more expensive than papers that only need to be edited and proofread.
2. The deadline of the paper
This means that Closer deadlines attract higher charges. Whilst the more time you give us to complete your paper the cheaper it will be
3. Academic Level
The higher the academic level pf the paper you order the higher the price. Meaning a college level paper will be charged less than a pHD level paper

Writing from Scratch

Editing and Profreading Prices